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No Matter What Your Processing Needs
EzPay America Has The Solution

Every business has different needs when it comes to payment processing.
Some only need a counter top terminal to process payments.
Others, require the ability to maintain inventory, track employee time and more.
No matter what your payment processing needs may be, EzPay America has the solution.

Counter Top Terminal

State  of the art processing

• Ethernet

• WiFi

• Dial Up

• Large Scale Touch Screen Display

• Full Transaction Information Display

• Signature Capture

• Paperless Signature / Receipt Option

• Contactless Payment

• Auto-Connection Failback Procedure

Mobile Payments Android/iOS

Take Payments Anywhere!


 Live Transactions from Terminal Feed Into App

• Can Link Multiple MID's by Owner

• Email and SMS Invoicing

• Batch Out from Anywhere

• Batch Report with Full Cash Discount Break Down 

• Batch Notification in App

• Built-In Virtual Terminal within App* (Must Have Another Terminal Number / ID)

• Captures Signature

• Can Perform Sale / Refund

• E-Invoicing

• Ability to Scan Card on Transaction

• Available in English and Spanish

• Available on Both Android and IOS Mobile Devices